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at His Press Conference

February 23, 2015

Recruitment and employment of new college graduates

Keidanren's policy concerning recruiting and employing new college graduates says that in terms of recruiting and selecting new hires for fiscal 2016 and beyond, the publicity activities are set to begin on March 1 while the selection process is set to start on August 1.

The policy was made to secure time for students' academic work as well as to respond to requests from the government and universities that have promoted study abroad. Keidanren has called on our member companies to comply with the guideline and also has worked together with other economic organizations in publicizing what we aim. I understand that our members are engaged in recruiting and selection activities in accordance with the policy paying a lot of attention to dignity, but it is said some nonmember companies go their way based on their own schedule. The government needs to work harder to make their requests on the issue widely known as well as to urge companies to cooperate with the Cabinet in the campaign.

Civil Code Reform

The Civil Code (law of obligations) reform is the first major overhaul since the code was enacted in 1896. The Legislative Council of the Ministry of Justice has been discussing the matter for five years. The proposal for the addition of new provisions on the terms and conditions of contracts between businesses and consumers has developed into one which the business community can accept. The government should carefully and sufficiently explain the revision so that there will be no confusion not only in companies but also in society at large.

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