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April 17, 2017

Japan-US Economic Dialogue

On April 18, Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso and US Vice President Mike Pence will begin discussions aimed at strengthening Japan-US economic relations. This dialogue is expected to build a platform for stronger economic ties between our two countries. Discussions will focus on three topics: (1) macroeconomic policy, including fiscal and monetary policy, (2) collaboration in fields such as infrastructure, energy, cybersecurity, and space, and (3) a trade and investment framework. I hope that this initial discussion will lay a solid foundation for enhancing bilateral economic relations.

Keidanren has compiled a document entitled "Keidanren's Principal Position on the US-Japan Economic Relationship," which will form the basis of my comments to Vice President Pence on behalf of the Japanese business community. Specifically, I will mention the close and inseparable relationship that Japan and the US enjoy as trade and investment partners, underpinned by their solid alliance, and the contributions that Japanese companies make in the United States. I would also like to exchange views on Japan-US cooperation in innovation, infrastructure projects, and trade and investment rule-making in the Asia-Pacific region.

International Developments

Tension is growing over North Korea and Syria, and such geopolitical uncertainty is causing volatility in exchange rates and stock prices. However, at the present time global economic fundamentals remain largely unaltered, and I am aware that these fluctuations are occurring amid varying predictions. I anticipate that exchange rates will stabilize.

Peaceful solutions are the most desirable outcome, and I sincerely hope that the world will move in this direction. However, the Japanese government needs to be prepared for worst-case scenarios.

Olympic and Paralympic Games

The All Japan Business Committee for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics will take the lead in discussing business sector support aimed at making the Tokyo games a success and creating an enduring legacy. Assisting top athletes with employment and backing parasports are also key themes. It is vital to ensure the success of the Tokyo games, and the business community will continue to provide the greatest possible support.

Osaka World Expo Bid

Next week I will accompany Osaka Governor Ichiro Matsui on a visit to the Bureau International des Expositions in Paris, where he will submit Osaka's candidacy to host the 2025 World Expo. Our nation's honor is at stake in this bid. In submitting a bid, we are committing to an all-Japan effort uniting the national government, business community, local government, and the public, and I am confident in our ability to win the honor of hosting the event.

Expert Panel on Reducing the Burdens of Official Duties on the Emperor

The government's expert panel is scheduled to issue its final report this week. I fully expect that the report will be the result of meticulous discussion.

Celebrating Keidanren's 70th Anniversary

We are currently planning commemorative events to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Keidanren and the 15th anniversary of our amalgamation with Nikkeiren (the Japan Federation of Employers' Associations). We intend to stage exemplary events befitting Keidanren.