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at His Press Conference

June 21, 2021

Workplace COVID-19 Vaccination

In an emergency proposal concerning COVID-19 vaccination announced on June 1, 2021, Keidanren indicated its stance that the business community would cooperate with the Japanese government fully to ensure the establishment of herd immunity before the arrival of winter. We held a seminar for Keidanren members and provided some 1,700 attendees with information on the vaccination. As well as conducting vaccinations at workplaces, our members are pursuing a range of initiatives to facilitate the vaccine rollout, including offering spaces for vaccination venues, dispatching industrial physicians and staff nurses to mass vaccination centers, and setting up suitable working environments. I have a real sense that things are moving forward. With the concurrent operation of vaccinations in regional areas, at mass vaccination centers, and in workplaces, I expect progress to be made in rolling out the vaccine as quickly as possible.

Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

In holding the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, everything possible must be done to ensure safety and peace of mind. On that basis, we will respect the decisions made regarding restrictions on spectators in the meeting held between the five parties today (June 21), the IOC, IPC, Tokyo 2020, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and the Government.

Toshiba General Shareholder Meeting

As this is a matter concerning an individual company, I will refrain from commenting. As a general view, companies should adhere to their corporate governance codes and stewardship codes and achieve medium- to long-term growth and enhancement of value while holding dialogue with their shareholders.

[In response to a question about whether METI should be involved] As a general view, there is absolutely no problem with METI communicating with individual companies about operations, technologies, and the like that are connected to national security. Regarding the confidentiality obligations of national public servants, Minister Kajiyama of METI has already explained this point.

Nikkei Average

[In response to a question about the sharp drop in the Nikkei Average] There is no point in swinging between elation and despair with every fluctuation in stock prices. The Nikkei's fall could be seen as a reaction to the fall in the American stock market, which occurred against a background of talk about a rise in U.S. policy interest rates ahead of projections, but what we should be looking at is the fact that the American economy is firmly on the way to recovery.

Crude Oil Prices

Mineral resource prices are basically decided by market supply and demand, so any violent fluctuations would be a problem in terms of business management, but it is not easy to predict their ups and downs at specific times. With the pandemic, there are difficulties with transport, leading to supply delays and, ultimately, to tight supply, so it will also be a matter of when the pandemic is brought under control, but it may be that prices will stay high for the foreseeable future.

Use of Nuclear Power

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 46% compared to 2013 levels by 2030, we will need to firm up our energy mix urgently and decide on the percentage that nuclear will account for in our power generation mix. Having done that, we should then deepen the debate about building new nuclear power stations or other options such as replacing them with small-module nuclear reactors.

Final Disposal of Nuclear Waste

The final disposal of high-level radioactive nuclear waste is an unavoidable challenge when it comes to using nuclear power, one that the current generation, which has benefited from that nuclear power, must take responsibility for addressing. Literature surveys in Suttu town and Kamoenai village have commenced after going through due process. I welcome this development and pay my respects to everyone involved.

In addition to the scientific considerations, obtaining the understanding of the local communities will be a major premise to the selection of sites for geological disposal. Fostering understanding among the broader Japanese population is also essential.

Export Controls

[In response to a question about export controls of sensitive technologies] From the perspectives of ensuring foreseeability and thorough implementation of proper controls, companies would prefer that the boundaries regarding which technologies are allowed for export be as clear as possible.