Policy Proposals  Labor Policy   Keidanren's Stance on the Agenda Items of the 101st Session of International Labour Conference

May 15, 2012

(1) Elaboration of an Autonomous Recommendation on the Social Protection Floors

  1. As stipulated in the proposed Recommendation regarding coherence with economic policies, etc., progressive realization and diversity of methods, social protection requires flexibility in accordance with the developmental stages and needs of each nation.
  2. In order to realize a sustainable social security system, it is essential to support fiscal resources with nationwide efforts by avoiding both shifting of burdens to future generations and excessive reliance on taxes and insurance premiums placed on the working generation.
  3. Improvement of the business environment is necessary for revitalization of corporate activities, which are the source of income-producing employment.

(2) The Youth Employment Crisis

  1. Rejuvenation of enterprise activities through economic growth is essential for securing and expanding stable youth employment opportunities. Furthermore, enhancement of diverse career education, is necessary during the secondary and higher educational periods and vocational training is essential throughout career.
  2. With increasingly strong trends involving concurrent demands for employment of the elderly primarily in developed countries, flexible legislation and implementation of measures are necessary for invigoration of the overall labor market.

(3) A Recurrent Discussion on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

  1. The International Labour Organization (ILO) should gather and provide information on good practices of how steady implementation of fundamental principles and rights enhances economic vitality and sustainability.
  2. The ILO should help ensure the effectiveness of labour standards via capacity building of member states and workers'/employers' organisations, by providing technical cooperation when necessary, without giving assessments based exclusively on the formality of ratification of conventions or relying solely on supervising bodies for application of conventions.