Policy Proposals  Industrial Technology   Proposal for New Basic Plan for Space Policy (Summary)

November 20, 2012

(Japanese Version is here)

1. Introduction

In July 2012, the Office of National Space Policy was established in the Cabinet Office and the government's framework to promote its space policy has been improved. The revision of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) law is one example of the overhaul.

In accordance with the changes, the government is going to formulate its new Basic Plan for Space Policy covering a five-year period from FY 2013. Keidanren has compiled a proposal in order to have it reflected in the government's new basic plan.

2. Significance of New Basic Plan for Space Policy

  1. (1) Development of the space industry and promotion of the utilization and R&D of space in the field of national security should be considered a top priority.
  2. (2) A space infrastructure consisting of satellites and rockets among other things should be constructed, and its utilization should be promoted.
  3. (3) Space diplomacy among developing and developed countries should be enhanced.

3. Promotion Measures in Key Areas

  1. (1) Foundation of a space equipment industry and space utilization industry should be enhanced.
  2. (2) Effective ways of utilizing space should be explored and continuous utilization of satellite data should be secured.
  3. (3) Space should be utilized in the field of national security.
  4. (4) An infrastructure for disaster prevention/reduction using satellites should be constructed.

4. Key Programs

Key areasActivities
ObservationDevelopment of public remote-sensing satellites
PositioningDevelopment of seven-unit Quasi-Zenith Satellites System
and Broadcasting
Technological development of advanced telecommunication satellite system
National SecurityDevelopment of information gathering satellites, building of maritime domain/space situational awareness system
EnergyTechnological development of experimental satellites for space solar power system
Human Space ActivitiesPromotion of the utilization of the International Space Station
Space ScienceConducting astronomical observation and lunar/planetary explorations
Space DebrisDevelopment of system contributing to conservation of the space environment
TransportationOperation of the H-IIA and H-IIB launch vehicles, and development of the next-generation backbone rockets
Launch Sites etc.Maintenance and improvement of infrastructure including launch sites

5. Enhancement of Promotion Structure

  1. (1) The Strategic Headquarters for Space Policy should function as a "control tower."
  2. (2) A medium-term goal and medium-term plan for JAXA should be compiled and steadily executed.
  3. (3) Cooperation between the public and private sectors should be strengthened.
  4. (4) Space-related legislation should be improved.
  5. (5) Human resources should be developed in university and industry.