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Policy Proposals  Trade, Investment, EPA/FTA Proposals for Redefining of Trade Strategy -- Towards a proactive new trade strategy that takes the initiative to establish global rules --

April 16, 2013

Table of Contents


1. Basic Approach

  1. (1) Current Situation and Challenges
  2. (2) New Perspectives Required for Trade Strategy
  3. (3) The Trade Strategy Japan Should Promote
  4. (4) Establish Trade Strategy Structure for Japan

2. FTA Initiatives with a View to Establishing Multilateral Rules

  1. (1) Fundamental Concepts
  2. (2) TPP Participation
  3. (3) Promotion of RCEP and a Japan-China-Korea FTA
  4. (4) Earliest Conclusion of a Japan-EU EPA
  5. (5) Other FTAs to Be Negotiated

3. Expansion of Multilateral Rules Building on WTO

  1. (1) Approach to Multilateral Free Trade System
  2. (2) Participation in Issue/Sector-Specific Rule Creation/Efforts by Like-minded Countries

4. "Unified Axis": Issue/Sector-Specific Coherent Approach with a View to Developing Multilateral Rules- What Japan Should Aim For

  1. (1) Liberalization of Goods in Which Japan Has Strengths (Environmental Goods, Medical/Healthcare Products, etc.)
  2. (2) Simpler and Smoother Customs Procedures
  3. (3) Disciplines Concerning Export Restrictions on Natural Resources and Foods
  4. (4) Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Services (Electronic Commerce and Telecommunications)
  5. (5) Expansion of International Rules and Cooperation on Intellectual Property Rights (Measures Against Counterfeit and Pirated Goods)
  6. (6) Investment Protection and Liberalization
  7. (7) Prohibition of Government Restrictions on Payment of Royalties and Overseas Remittance
  8. (8) Competition Policy: Ensuring a Level Playing Field for SOEs and Private Firms
  9. (9) Trade Measures and Rules for Preservation of the Environment/Biodiversity

5. Improvement of Systems to Supplement the WTO, FTAs, and Issue/Sector-Specific Agreements

  1. (1) Investment Treaties
  2. (2) Tax Treaties
  3. (3) Promotion of Social Security Agreements
  4. (4) Restructuring the Export Control System
  5. (5) Compatibility of Corporate Social Responsibility with Smooth Supply Chains

6. Promotion of Domestic Reforms to Thrive in Global Competition

  1. (1) Enhancing Competitiveness of Agricultural Industry and Developing It into a Growth Industry
  2. (2) Reform of Other Rules and Systems

Trade, Investment, EPA/FTA