Policy Proposals  Environment and Energy   Rebuilding Japan's Electricity System Electricity Policy to Realize Society 5.0

April 16, 2019


Rebuilding Japan's Electricity System
—Electricity Policy to Realize Society 5.0



Defining the Issues:
The Crises Facing Japan's Electricity System

  • Issue 1   Ending heavy reliance on fossil fuels
  • Issue 2   Expanding introduction of renewable energy
  • Issue 3   Re-starting nuclear power plants
  • Issue 4   Reducing electricity charges

1. Overview

  • Direction of the Electricity System
  • Current Situation in Japan: Sluggish Electricity Investment
  • Specifying the Vision for the Future Electricity System

2. Electricity Demand

  • Securing Base Demand for Electricity

3. Generation Sector

  • Ensuring Stable Supply
  • Diverse Value of Power Generation
  • Design and Verification of Wholesale Markets
  • Turning Renewables into a Major Energy Source
  • Continuing Use of Nuclear Power
  • Energy Storage Technology Development and Deployment

4. Transmission and Distribution Sector

  • Need for Next-Generation Electricity Networks
  • Upgrading Networks with a Balance between Social Benefit and Public Burden
  • (For Reference) Government Policy on Network Costs
  • Wheeling Charge Systems
  • Burden of Funding Next-Generation Resources

5. Finance


(For Reference) Key Courses of Action to Resolve Issues Set Out in This Proposal