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Policy Proposals  Latin America and Caribbean Keidanren-CNI Joint Statement on EPA XXII Brazil-Japan Business Council Plenary Meeting

São Paulo / Brazil, July 29, 2019

  1. The XXII Brazil-Japan Business Council Plenary Meeting took place in Sao Paulo on July 29-30, 2019. The Japanese delegation, led by Masami Iijima, Chair, Japan-Brazil Economic Committee of Keidanren, consisted of about 130 business leaders. The Brazilian delegation, led by Eduardo de Salles Bartolomeo, Chairman, Brazil Japan Business Council, Brazil Section, consisted of about 300 business leaders.

  2. The parties shared strong views that there is a huge potential for further economic and industrial cooperation between the two countries. Liberalizing trade in goods/services along with establishing new legal frameworks would awake the potential and build mutually beneficial economic ties between Japan and Brazil—and thus, further to the Mercosur economies—, which will surely contribute to economic prosperity in both regions.

  3. To this end, the Japanese and Brazilian business leaders reached a consensus that a high level and comprehensive Japan-Mecosur EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) is crucially needed.

  4. The parties therefore encouraged the political leaders of Japan and Mercosur to fully exert their strong leadership and commitment to swiftly launching a joint study group or negotiations on Japan-Mercosur EPA. The parties declared their dedicated efforts to concrete the EPA through the ongoing dialogues with the public and private sectors.

Masami Iijima
Chair, Japan-Brazil Economic Committee
Eduardo de Salles Bartolomeo
Chairman, Brazil Japan Business Council
Brazil Section

Regional Affairs