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Policy Proposals  Asia and Oceania Japan-ASEAN Relations in the New Era Toward the Realization of a Sustainable Society through Cooperation and Co-creation

June 15, 2021


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1. Foreword

2. History of Relation-Building between Japan and the ASEAN States

3. Importance of Japan-ASEAN Relations in a Changing Global Environment

4. Japan-ASEAN Cooperation and Co-creation in the New Era
— Toward Building a Sustainable Society through a Balance between Dynamic Growth and Resolution of Social Issues

  1. (1) Building Hard and Soft Social Infrastructure for Greater Connectivity
    1. (a) Promoting the Building of High-Quality Infrastructure
    2. (b) Improving Institutional Infrastructure
    3. (c) Fortifying Global Supply Chains
  2. (2) Realization of Sustainable Growth
    1. (a) Responding to Climate Change Issues
    2. (b) Building a Society with Low Ecological Footprint
    3. (c) Working on Disaster Prevention and Reduction
    4. (d) Promoting Cooperation in Medical and Healthcare Services
  3. (3) Using Digital Technology to Open Up New Growth Areas and Realize Society 5.0
  4. (4) Development of Human Resources
  5. (5) Promotion of Personal Exchanges

5. Conclusion — Deepening the "Heart-to-Heart Relationship"


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