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December 25, 2023
Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)
Keidanren Committee on Nature Conservation

Questionnaire survey on corporate biodiversity efforts in Japan
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Executive summary

  1. (1) Compared to the 2019 survey, more companies are mainstreaming biodiversity.
  2. (2) Many companies have already been implementing activities that contribute to GBF.
  3. (3) Biodiversity information disclosure along the TNFD guidance is still in the initial stage of LEAP approach in many companies, but has advanced in some companies.
  4. (4) As biodiversity became a key agenda in corporate management, many companies are facing technical challenges in biodiversity actions.

Overview of the survey

(1) Mainstreaming of biodiversity
  • Awareness of biodiversity
  • Organizational structure to promote biodiversity actions
  • Biodiversity information disclosure
(2) Contribution to GBF
  • Contribution to the Kunming-Montreal Biodiversity Framework
  • [Reference] Percentage of companies with initiatives corresponding to each GBF target (by industry sectors)
  • Biodiversity efforts in upstream and downstream value chains
  • Biodiversity-friendly products and services
  • Quantitative targets and indicators linked to the GBF targets
  • Examples of corporate actions related to each GBF target
  • [Reference] Contribution to the SDGs through biodiversity conservation
(3) Response to the TNFD recommendations
  • Assessment of biodiversity dependences, impacts and related risks and opportunities
  • Extent of value chains and scope of assessment
  • Initiatives on LEAP approach
  • Biodiversity-related business risks
  • Biodiversity-related business opportunities
  • Scenario analysis
(4) Drivers and barriers for biodiversity actions
  • Drivers and barriers for biodiversity actions
  • Linking biodiversity and climate actions