Policy Proposals  Trade, Investment, EPA/FTA   Expectations of the OECD in an Increasingly Complex World On the 60th Anniversary of Japan's Accession to the OECD

March 19, 2024
Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)


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1. International Environment and Japan's Current Situation

2. The Current Status of the OECD and Japan's Position

3. Role Expected of the OECD

  1. (1) Supporting policy establishment through collection, analysis, and provision of evidence
  2. (2) Contributing to better policy formation through assessment of policy impact
  3. (3) Leading international rule-making
    1. (i) Rule-making in new fields
    2. (ii) Ensuring the effectiveness of international rules (promoting the adoption of OECD rules by non-member countries)

4. OECD Organization and Management

  1. (1) Improving global governance by expanding membership
  2. (2) Presenting better alternatives by reflecting the views of the business community
  3. (3) Responding to complex issues via cross-sector discussions
  4. (4) Establishment and dissemination of norms and rules through cooperation with the G7, G20, and other bodies
  5. (5) Improving awareness by strengthening public relations functions

5. Expectations of the Japanese government

  1. (1) Active engagement in rule formation
  2. (2) Bridging gaps to achieve agreement
  3. (3) Reflection of Asian viewpoint

6. Activities of Keidanren and BIAC