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About Keidanren Chairman's Message

The world is entering a new, post-pandemic era. Japan and the rest of the world now face the urgent challenge of overcoming the collapse of ecosystems and the expansion, entrenchment, and reproduction of inequalities, all brought about by excessive shareholder capitalism. Keidanren is determined to tackle these issues head-on and rebuild a sustainable and resilient economy and society.

Science, technology, and innovation will be essential to solving global-scale societal problems. Through public-private collaboration, Keidanren will strongly promote ambitious investment in green transformation (GX), digital transformation (DX), startups, and other priority areas, including research and development, to further strengthen industrial competitiveness, accelerate the renewal of the industrial structure, and raise productivity.

There is also a need for a virtuous cycle of growth and distribution, in which the fruits of growth achieved through GX and DX are distributed appropriately and contribute to further growth. Keidanren will work to achieve structural wage increases and create an ample middle class by linking together several of its key priorities in different fields: dynamic economic and fiscal management through public-private collaboration that aims to achieve sustainable economic growth and fiscal equilibrium in the medium to long term; the building of a social security system for all generations; and smooth labor mobility and other employment policies. These efforts are vital to restoring dynamism to the nation's economy as they will not only directly contribute to the resolution of the problem of inequalities, but also help address the declining birthrate. Keidanren will also be proactive about publicizing its thinking on the government's debate about policies for children's issues and childcare.

Meanwhile, in a challenging international climate, the global economy is on the verge of fragmentation, which calls for the rebuilding of a free and open international economic order. As the representative business organization of the host nation for the G7 Summit this year, Keidanren will take the initiative to achieve solidarity in the international community and to construct a rules-based international economic order. Also, in a context in which the economy and national security are becoming inseparably linked, Keidanren will work to put in place an environment in which companies can conduct their business activities both in Japan and around the world as freely as possible, and with predictability. We will also be proactive in pursuing private-sector economic diplomacy, and will work to strengthen connections among advanced economies and dialogue with the Global South.

Even in this era of dramatic change, Keidanren will continue to advocate from a social point of view, practice sustainable capitalism, and campaign both within Japan and around the world for policies that maximize the energy and drive of the private sector. As we pursue these endeavors, I would be grateful for your continued cooperation and support.

KEIDANREN (Japan Business Federation)
Chairman TOKURA Masakazu