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April 11, 2011

One month after the earthquake

The initial action of the Japanese government was slow. The situation has improved since the special headquarters to support disaster victims was launched. Keidanren has been asking the member companies and industry organisations for contributions and supply of relief goods while helping transportation of relief goods and fuels in cooperation with authorities concerned.

As a surge of power demand is estimated in summer, efforts to cut down on power usage during peak-demand times are crucial. We requested our member companies and organisations to come up with their own voluntary action plans today. A variety of measures such as utilisation of private electric generators, production adjustment by vacation rotation and energy saving in office buildings can be widely considered.

Some SMEs that have dominant shares in the production of specific components or materials suffered from the aftereffects of earthquake. We wish for their earliest possible recovery as the delay in their production can have serious impact on the global market.

We also requested our members to support farmers hit hard by harmful rumours to consume their crops and livestock products in their company cafeterias. In addition, some industrial products reportedly could not clear customs on suspicion of radioactive contamination. The Japanese government should disclose accurate information and provide comprehensible explanation to the governments of foreign countries while opposing any protectionism.