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June 4, 2013

Following is the gist of remarks made by Chairman Yonekura at his Press Conference. Translation is rush and tentative, and sequence of the gist does not necessarily coincide with words delivered.

Iron determination to revitalize Japan

Keidanren launched a new management team today. We are firmly determined to tackle with difficulties and contribute to opening up a new vista of more vigorous and glamorous Japan.

The business community is deeply committed to supporting sustainable economic growth. Business will never stop creating new growth opportunities with state of the art technology and human resources. Keidanren will do all we can do. More precisely, we will accelerate innovation and enhance industrial competitiveness through efforts such as the "Future City Model Project." We will also encourage our member companies to boldly and actively take on challenges as "dynamo of economic growth" towards the goal.

While doing our duty in the private sector, we will intensify our activities to encourage the government to swiftly improve business environment that brings out the best in individuals and companies.