Executives' Comments  Press Conferences   Comments of Chairman Yonekura and Chairman Candidate Sakakibara at their joint Press Conference

January 27, 2014

Chairman Yonekura's comment

Business is picking up and the economy is getting out of deflation in Japan. We should by all means lead the trend towards economic sustainability. This is the top priority of the nation now. It is therefore necessary for the business community to take leadership roles in revitalizing the economy through various activities for creating new growth opportunities.

Mr. Sakakibara is a man of great character and a leader with extraordinary knowledge and experience. I wonder who respects innovation more than he and globalizes business activities wider and deeper than he. I am confident that he will exercise strong leadership to bring back vibrant and attractive Japan when he takes office in June.

Chairman Candidate Sakakibara's comment

I am truly honored to be named Chairman Yonekura's successor. His decision has enriched me with the sense of responsibility and inspired me with courage. Taking this mission as my destiny, I will make my utmost efforts for economic revival. I will follow Chairman Yonekura's line and further strengthen Keidanren's activities based on the policy proposals and achievements. Working closely together with the government and other business organizations, I will lead Keidanren to overcome deflation, ensure a positive cycle of business and revitalize the economy.