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at His Press Conference

July 7, 2014

Fight global warming

Keidanren has tackled the issue of global warming through various efforts based upon our "Voluntary Action Plan on the Environment" and "Commitment to a Low-Carbon Society". Japanese companies which are global frontrunners in the field of environmental technology should make further technological contribution to world-wide and long-term measures to wrestle with climate change.

Keidanren therefore has decided to generate the second phase of its "Commitment to a Low-Carbon Society" with CO2 reduction target for 2030. We will continue to fight global warming with firm determination and without hesitation through best efforts to advance our world's top level energy efficiency technologies.

Revival of Tohoku

We are going to visit Miyagi destroyed by the 2011 disaster and have a meeting with local business leaders this week. The first-hand information will help us to take necessary and effective action to reconstruct Tohoku.

The spread of harmful rumors triggered by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident must end. I will encourage our member companies to expand their activities such as sales promotion of farm products from the affected areas and introduction of the food from the region in their company cafeterias. Keidanren will serve more food items originated from the devastated area in our internal meetings.

Three years have passed since the catastrophe and there are concerns that people are starting to forget about the disaster. The tragedy is not over. The recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake is Keidanren's top priority. We will do whatever we can do with firm determination and with all of our energy to fulfil our mission.