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at His Press Conference

February 9, 2015

New Keidanren officer candidates

Six nominees for vice chairmen and 11 nominees for vice chairmen of the Board of Councillors were informally determined today. They will be inaugurated at the General Assembly on June 2. Keidanren has tapped BT Japan President Haruno Yoshida, who is one of the nominees of vice chairmen of the Board of Councillors become our first female executive. We will work harder to broaden opportunities for women's active participation in the workforce. I am determined to devote myself entirely to making Japan a more affluent and vibrant place to live, work and visit hand in hand with my colleagues in Keidanren.

Reform of Japan's agricultural cooperatives

Japan's agricultural industry faces difficulties such as ageing of farmers and an increase in abandoned arable land. We have no time to lose to implement indispensable fundamental reform so that our agriculture can become a more competitive and export-oriented growth engine of the economy.

The government is expected to carry out the farm cooperative reform which is high on the agenda when it comes to regulatory reform of the nation. Keidanren will strengthen cooperation with farming industry through various efforts such as collaboration with the JA group.