Executives' Comments  Press Conferences   Chairman Nakanishi's Statements and Comments
at His Press Conference Following the Keidanren Regular General Meeting

June 2, 2020

Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

Current preventive measures are based on people modifying their behavior, and there is a real possibility that COVID-19 infections may spread if the scope of conduct broadens. Since the lifting of the state of emergency, businesses have readied themselves for worst-case scenarios, which would come as no surprise. The challenge is to re-establish economic activity while preventing an explosive spread of infections.

Economic and Employment Measures

Faced with a range of issues including COVID-19, Keidanren will act to restore the Japanese economy to a growth path under a new structure.

The immediate priority is maintaining and securing employment. Keidanren will do our utmost to ensure bankruptcies are avoided and employment is maintained, while making use of the employment adjustment subsidy and other government support measures. In cooperation with government, we need to devise appropriate measures according to circumstances. At the same time, it will be vital to establish systems enabling smooth redeployment of people who have lost their jobs as a result of bankruptcies to other industries.

Responding to Anti-Globalism

Global business operations are essential to Japan from the perspectives of economic structure and geopolitics. There is concern over US-China hostility, and Japan needs to take multi-faceted approaches, including cooperation with other countries, to restore a free and open international economic order. While collaborating with the government, Keidanren will proactively engage in private-sector diplomacy through various channels.

South Korea's Reopening of WTO Complaint

Given the landslide victory won by President Moon Jae-in's governing party in the recent general election, it was anticipated that South Korea would take measures to counter tightened controls on exports of semiconductor materials to the country. Further moves by the Korean government need to be carefully monitored.

Business groups in Japan and Korea maintain channels of dialogue, and the business community will consider what it can do to improve Japan-Korea relations.