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at His Press Conference

October 4, 2021

Views on Promoting Partnership between Business and Politics
and Evaluation of Major Parties' Policies (2021)

We have compiled this year's versions of Keidanren's Views on Promoting Partnership between Business and Politics and Evaluation of Major Parties' Policies, which were approved at today's meeting of the chairman and vice chairs.

Keidanren's Views on Promoting Partnership between Business and Politics state the need for business and politics to join forces and fully mobilize every policy measure and other means to address pressing issues including restoration of normality after the COVID-19 pandemic and revitalization of social and economic activity while living with COVID-19, establishment of sustainable capitalism through measures such as realizing Society 5.0, and promotion of appropriate diplomatic and security policies. They also declare our commitment to further reinforcing our partnership with politics.

This year's policy evaluation highly commends the LDP-led ruling coalition for its efforts in areas such as prioritizing restoration of normality after the COVID-19 pandemic, revitalizing regional economies through green and digital initiatives with an eye to living with COVID-19 and the post-pandemic era, strengthening the Japan-US alliance, and rebuilding a free and open international economic order. Our evaluation also sets out hopes for energetic implementation of policies aimed at restoring post-pandemic normality and revitalizing social and economic activity and further accelerating efforts to address issues raised in Keidanren's new growth strategy, leading to reinvigoration of the Japanese economy.

Expectations for the Kishida Administration

I have high hopes for the new cabinet lineup, which includes 13 new members, three female ministers, and members who are relatively new to the Diet. This is a very fresh and dynamic team, which exudes a sense of purpose. On the domestic front, the priorities are overcoming the pandemic and revitalizing the economy and society while living with COVID-19. At the same time, the government needs to achieve sustainable growth for Japan through digital transformation and green transformation.

In diplomacy, it is vital to enhance Japan's presence in the international community. I hope the new administration will display strong leadership after engaging in dialogue with a wide range of international partners.

[In response to a question on COVID-19 countermeasures] Japan, as a whole, is taking measures to control COVID-19, and under the leadership of Prime Minister Kishida I would like the new administration to deliver speedy responses with policy continuity.

Expectations for the Next Rengo President

I understand that the candidate for the next president of the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (JTUC-RENGO) has been selected as someone suited to the requirements of our times. I would like to engage in deeper dialogue with the new president through forums such as our leaders' meeting.

Minimum Wage Increases

Minimum wage increases should occur when earnings have risen due to improved productivity. Since SMEs account for more than 70% of employment in Japan, efforts across the entire supply chain, including SMEs, are essential in order to lift Japan's labor productivity. To this end, Keidanren is calling for cooperation in the Declaration of Partnership Building initiative being promoted by the government. An environment enabling SMEs to increase minimum wages needs to be created through steps such as fair trade prices and support measures contributing to improved productivity.

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