• ABAC Bulletin(ABAC活動報告)


    • Partnership, Resilience and Building Bridges to Growth
    • Business Anxiety Surrounds New Financial Regulations
    • WTO ‘Doha Package’ Emphasized in ABAC Letter to Trade Ministers
    • Japan seeks to join TPP, RCEP and the Pacific Alliance Gain Momentum
    • ABAC keen on APEC engagement for SMME Financing
    • ABAC initiative on Blue Economy centers on Aquaculture
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  • ABAC Bulletin(ABAC活動報告)


    • Partnership, Resilience and Building Bridges to Growth
    • APEC poised to respond to the food security challenges in the region
    • PPFS Working Groups created
    • RCEP and TPP gaining momentum
    • 7 Lessons from Entrepreneurs from Asia's Most Successful
    • Sustainable Growth With Equality
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  • ABAC Bulletin(ABAC活動報告)


    • Closing the Gap between Aspirations and Reality
    • PwC's 2012 APEC CEO Survey
    • Business seeks openness and liberalization in Asia Pacific
    • Green Light from the Finance Ministers
    • Enhancing SMME Competitiveness through Innovation
    • Barriers to Trade in Services
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  • ABAC Bulletin(ABAC活動報告)


    • Resolute Action Urged in Pursuing Bogor Goals
    • Strengthening Food Security through Technology Dissemination and Infrastructure Development
    • Public-Private Partnership in Developing the Region's Capital markets
    • Facilitating Innovative Growth across Borders: Creating New Business and Business Models
    • Improved Integration through the APEC Supply Chain Connectivity
    • APEC Supply Chain Connectivity Framework
  • ABAC Bulletin(ABAC活動報告)


    • Deepening Private Sector Involvement through PPP, Financing, and Technology Transfer
    • Services Trade and Supply Chains
    • PPP for Water Infrastructure
    • The ‘Internationalization of SMEs’ with the Use of ICT
    • Intensified Commitment to Energy Security
    • Managing the Global Financial Crisis: Asia Pacific Financial Forum
    • Women in Business Making a Difference