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April 23, 2012

Following is the gist of remarks made by Chairman Yonekura at his Press Conference. Translation is rush and tentative, and sequence of the gist does not necessarily coincide with words delivered.

European Sovereign Debt Crisis

The European debt crisis might flare up again at any time and reaccelerate the yen's appreciation having a considerable impact on the Japanese economy. There is concern that severe austerity policy implemented by Spain and other European countries can make the bad regional economy even worse. The relentless pursuit of economic development is desperately needed to avoid the worst-case scenario. The expansion of trade and investment through various efforts such as negotiations on a Japan-EU economic integration agreement will lead to the growth without doubt.

Economic Relationship with Myanmar

Democracy is gradually and steadily taking root in Myanmar which has taken a firm step forward as a member of the international community. The Myanmar economy has vast potential. It is important for Japan to contribute to the nation's economic development through initiatives such as resumption of yen loans to assist infrastructure improvement in the country.