Policy(提言・報告書) 経済連携、貿易投資  B7サミット2021共同提言


B7 Summit 2021 Joint Statement

  • Introduction
  • Chapters
    1. A global recovery is dependent on global vaccination
    2. Restarting international mobility
    3. The road f rom crisis to recovery
    4. A competitive agenda for business to drive inclusive economic recovery
    5. A rebirth of the global trading system
    6. Tackling climate change and protecting the natural world
    7. Showing global digital leadership
    8. Seizing the moment
  • B7 recommendations:
    Governments and business driving recovery and change
  • Annex: B7 Policy Paper Recommendations

B7 Trade Statement
Principles and recommendations for G7 Trade Ministers

  1. Introduction
  2. Revitalising and refocusing the World Trade Organisation
  3. Combatting protectionism including in health
  4. Reorienting trade policy in favour of low carbon goods and services
  5. Building resilience and opportunities for SMEs

B7 Digital Statement
Principles and recommendations for G7 Digital Ministers

  1. Introduction
  2. Resilient network infrastructure through a diverse supply chain
  3. Free data flows, supported by data protection standards the public trust
    (‘data free flow with trust’)
  4. The strongest safeguards to keep public institutions, citizens, and businesses cybersecure
  5. A stable regulatory environment which promotes innovation, investment, and competition, while supporting democratic values
  6. Widespread alignment and adoption of tools to digitise trade and make it frictionless

B7 Climate and Biodiversity Statement
Principles and recommendations for G7 Climate Ministers

  1. Introduction
  2. The business climate ambition
  3. Action f rom governments
  4. The enablers for business action