[Tentative Translation]

Keidanren Voluntary Action Plan on the Environment
(Final Report)

June 17, 1997

Keidanren Voluntary Action Plan on the Environment

by TOYODA Shoichiro

Outline of the Keidanren Voluntary Action Plan on the Environment

Keidanren Voluntary Action Plan on the Environment

(Irregular order)

  1. Mining
    (Japan Mining Industry Association)

  2. Limestone mining industry
    (Limestone Association of Japan)

  3. Coal
    (Japan Coal Association)

  4. Construction
    (Japan Federation of Construction Contractors, others)

  5. Housing
    (Japan Federation of Housing Organizations)

  6. Sugar Refining
    (Japan Sugar Refiners' Association)

  7. Beer Brewing
    (Brewers Association of Japan)

  8. Paper manufacturing
    (Federation of Paper Manufacturers in Japan)

  9. Chemical
    (Japan Chemical Industry Association)

  10. Pharmaceutical
    (Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Associations of Japan,
    Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association)

  11. Petroleum
    (Petroleum Association of Japan)

  12. Rubber
    (The Japan Rubber Manufacturers Association)

  13. Flat Glass
    (Flat Glass Association of Japan)

  14. Cement
    (Cement Association of Japan)

  15. Steel
    (Japan Iron and Steel Federation)

  16. Aluminum
    (Japan Aluminium Federation)

  17. Brass
    (Japan Brass Makers Association)

  18. Electric Cable
    (Japan Electric Wire and Cable Makers' Association)

  19. Industrial Machinery
    (The Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers)

  20. Electronics
    (Electronic Industries Association of Japan, others)

  21. Electric Machinery
    (Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association)

  22. Automobile
    (Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association)

  23. Automobile Parts
    (Japan Auto Parts Industries Association)

  24. Rolling Stock
    (Japan Association of Rolling Stock Industries)

  25. Shipbuilding
    (The Shipbuilders' Association of Japan)

  26. Optical Instruments
    (Japan Optical Industry Association, others)

  27. Foreign Trade
    (Japan Foreign Trade Council)

  28. Department Store
    (Japan Department Stores Association)

  29. Chain Stores
    (Japan Chain Stores Association)

  30. Non-Life Insurance
    (The Marine and Fire Insurance Association of Japan)

  31. Real Estate
    (The Real Estate Companies Association in Japan)

  32. Railway
    (Japan Non-Government Railways Association)

  33. Shipping
    (Japanese Shipowners' Association)

  34. Transportation
    (Japan Trucking Association)

  35. Electric Power
    (Federation of Electric Power Companies)

  36. Gas
    (Japan Gas Association)

  37. Aviation
    (Three-Airlines Liaison Committee on Environmental Problems)

  38. Other
    (East Japan Railway Co.)

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